Who We Are

We are an Irish owned company based in Dublin with over 70 years experience in the healthcare sector, mainly within the Homecare Industry. We have worked closely with 1000’s of families to support them through their journey.

Our Misson

To Provide an Affordable Solution To Independent Living in Ireland

To create positive homesharing experiences between older and younger adults in ireland, that inspires mutually beneficial social and practical supports and empowers independent living

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Through our experience we have learnt many things…

  • Most older people wish to remain at home, living as independently as possible
  • In many cases, the state support is not enough to realise this preference
  • In most cases, the older Householder (or family member) does not have the means to supplement the care they receive from the HSE
  • Many professionals and students struggle on a daily basis with high rents and long commutes
  • Those people paying high rents struggle to save for a deposit to buy their own home or pay off expensive student loans
  • Older people do not want to be a burden on their families
  • In many cases, older people suffer from loneliness and isolation
  • They can also be afraid at night, nervous of falling or of sudden illness
  • Many older people are afraid of the consequences of losing their independence and possibly having to face the prospect of Long Term Care
  • Every family we have worked with is an individual case and we believe should be treated as such
  • Not enough emphasis is placed on diet and exercise in older people, plus social inclusion
  • The pressures of modern society these days makes it difficult for family members to support their older relatives as much as they would like.


Save between 94-97% on your home support costs


Save between 82-88% on your accommodation costs

Costs associated with Home Support

Save 97% with THE HomeShare

  10 hrs p/w Overnight rate X 7 Cost per week Cost per year
HSE €260 No Funding €260 (No overnight support) €13,520
Private Homecare Provider €280 €1,400 (sleeping night) €1,680 €87,360
Private * Arrangement €150 €700 (Sleeping night) €850 €44,200
THE HomeShare €45 Included €45 €2,690

COSTING BASED ON CURRENT FIGURES *Private arrangement based on cash in hand to private carer