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The Affordable Choice to Live your Best Life at Home

Homesharing is one of the most affordable and safest ways for our ageing population to remain living independently at home, and also a way to offer a lifeline to struggling renters, helping to pave the way for future generations.

Below is a brief overview of what we can offer:

  • We are Ireland's #1 Homeshare provider
  • We are Ireland's ONLY Not for Profit Homeshare programme
  • We are Ireland's only Homeshare programme who Garda vets all of our sharers
  • Person Centred, bespoke arrangements
  • Our dedicated Team has more than 80 years’ experience in Health and Homecare
  • Face to Face initial Homeshare Consultation plus ongoing monthly home visits
  • Dedicated Safeguarding officer
  • We personally introduce potential Homesharers
  • We offer a 24/7/365 support line in case of emergencies and to ensure safeguarding for all

Is HomeSharing safe?

Absolutely! Underpinning THE HomeShare’s core values of Trust, Connection, Collaboration, and Commitment, is the Safety and Security of all our Matches.
THE HomeShare not only reference check all Homesharers prior to moving in with their Match, they also undergo Garda Vetting through An Garda Siochana’s National Vetting Bureau. We also have a dedicated Safeguarding Officer on hand for any concerns regarding your loved one’s safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are looking into Homesharing as an option for our loved one, what should I know?

Homesharing enables people to maintain independence in their own home for longer. THE HomeShare carefully match Householders with a fully vetted Homesharer based on your individual preferences who will not only provide companionship but will also act as an overnight presence in the home for peace of mind and security. If you or your loved one is feeling lonely or isolated, or feeling nervous in the home at night alone, homesharing is a wonderful way to ease the worry and bring some life into the home by building a new friendship. THE HomeShare are with you, providing support and guidance throughout your Homeshare journey.

What can Homesharers provide support with?

When you first meet with your HomeShare Consultant, your wishes and support requirements will be discussed so that we can more accurately source a Homesharer who can meet your needs and preferences. Homesharers provide practical support around the home such as putting the bins out for collection, topping up shopping, light meal preparation and light household chores. Homesharers are not Housekeepers, nor are they Home Carers so are not there to carry out large household tasks. Their presence and support in the home can help to reduce the need for professional support but are not there to replace it. Homesharers cannot provide any support with personal care (i.e. showering, toileting, etc.) Homesharing is based on a foundation of companionship with the emphasis on spending time together, not carrying out tasks however as the Homesharer will see your home as theirs, it is expected that Homesharers will do their bit around the home.

How do I know that the companion will be a good fit?

THE HomeShare prides itself on creating happy and lasting matches. During your Consultation, we not only assess the supports you require, but we get to know you! – your likes, dislikes, hobbies & interests, and of course your preferences as to who you would feel most comfortable sharing your home with. Once we get to know you, we begin our search, shortlisting candidates for you to review. Candidate bio’s are emailed to you or your loved one (or we can phone if email isn’t appropriate).
If a candidate stands out and you would like to meet them, we arrange a time and date that suits you and personally introduce the potential Homesharer to you and your loved ones. During introductions, we all get to know one another by having a very open and friendly chat. There is no obligation to decide to move forward when meeting. We like to ensure both sides have time to reflect before making a decision. The following day your consultant will link in to see whether you would like to move forward to a HomeShare Trial. If so, THE HomeShare begins its safeguarding measures by contacting the Homesharers references, submitting their Garda Vetting request and drafting your bespoke HomeShare Agreement.

Do I receive rent?

Homesharers do not pay rent. They are there to provide companionship and an overnight presence in the home for your peace of mind and security.
Homesharers make a nominal contribution toward the cost of utilities (typically €65 per month) and purchase their own meals and household items. Your bespoke HomeShare Agreement will outline the expectations and boundaries within your arrangement in detail.

How much does it cost to HomeShare?

There is a once off placement fee of €430. 25% of this fee is payable once you have chosen to start the search for a Sharer. The remaining 75% is not paid until a match has been created and a trial date set.

This placement fee covers you for all Homeshare arrangements meaning if one arrangement comes to an end and you would like us to source a new Homesharer, there is no additional placement fee.

If after your two-week trial you decide to continue homesharing with your match, you will then begin paying your monthly support fee which is €240 per month. This fee covers the cost of our ongoing monitoring and support. 

A member of THE HomeShare Team will visit once per month to check in with you and your Homesharer to ensure everything is going well. We are also available via phone or email for any questions or concerns you may have as well as being available 24/7 by phone in the event of emergency. 

Are Homesharers qualified?

Homesharers do not require a qualification as they are not an employee, nor are they required to carry out any professional tasks within the home (i.e., they are not carers providing in home care) Homesharers come from a variety of backgrounds, have various levels of experience and knowledge in many different sectors. THE HomeShare ensures all Homesharers matched with a Householder have a good level of maturity and understanding, right for your particular circumstances, and based upon your desired preferences.

Is there a trial period before fully committing to a match?

Yes. There is a two-week trial period to allow you and your Homesharer to get to know one another and get a feel for each other’s preferences before making a decision as to whether the arrangement or match is the right fit for you. THE HomeShare team check in every few days during the trial to ensure all is going well. THE HomeShare team are available at any time should you have any questions or concerns.

What do I need to do to get started?

If you would like to start your Homeshare Journey please contact us, or complete an online enquiry form and a member of the team will get in touch to discuss things further with you.

How should I prepare my home for a Homesharer?

Homesharers will require their own bedroom and access to a bathroom and kitchen. Bedrooms can be single or double, whichever you have available in your home, and there should be enough space for them to store their belongings in the home safely (so as not to cause a trip hazard).

We also suggest that space is made available within the kitchen as most Homesharers will have their own utensils and cooking equipment having rented previously. A kitchen press should be sufficient as well as 1-2 shelves within the fridge as Homesharers purchase and prepare their own meals and will need space to store food items.

It is not expected for you to go to any expense when seeking a Homesharer. During your consultation, we will advise if there is anything further you may need to do prior to a Homesharers arrival.

What happens if my Homesharer is not following THE HomeShare Agreement?

If you have any concerns regarding your Homesharer, it is advisable you first speak directly with them about the issue and try to resolve it between yourselves to encourage open and meaningful communication.
However, if for any reason you feel unable to, or anxious in approaching a topic with your Homesharer, you can contact THE HomeShare team who will provide guidance and support on the matter. If necessary, we will meet personally with both Householder and Homesharer to resolve matters efficiently and effectively being mindful to support the homeshare relationship overall.
In the event of serious concerns, THE HomeShare has a dedicated safeguarding officer available 24/7 to ensure your loved one’s safety.

How are Homesharers vetted?

Once you have chosen who you would like to share your home with, THE HomeShare begins our safeguarding measures by fully vetting your Homesharer.

Homesharers provide three referees that THE HomeShare Team will make contact with via phone and email. Of these three referees, two of which must be of a professional nature (i.e. landlord or employer), and the third can be another professional reference or character reference.

Once a match is confirmed, a Garda Vetting request is submitted on behalf of the Homesharer whereby An Garda Siochana will carry out a full check regarding any possible previous convictions committed.

What if I go into a nursing home?

Homesharing is a fantastic option for many Householders however we are fully aware that as we age, our support and care requirements often change.
Should your support or care requirements change, and you find you are at a stage whereby you require full time care within a dedicated establishment, it is expected that you provide your Homesharer with a minimum of on months’ notice so they can find alternative accommodation. If at all possible, the more notice given to the Homesharer, the better, given the current accommodation crisis sweeping the nation.

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