Questions about being a Homesharer?

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Homesharing is one of the most affordable paths renters can take, helping build new bridges with older generation.

Below is a brief overview of what we can offer:

  • We are Ireland's #1 Homeshare provider
  • We are Ireland's ONLY Not for profit Homeshare programme
  • We are Ireland's only Homeshare programme who Garda vets all of our sharers
  • Person Centred, bespoke arrangements
  • Our dedicated Team has more than 80 years’ experience in Health and Homecare
  • Face to Face initial Homeshare Consultation plus ongoing monthly home visits
  • Dedicated Safeguarding officer
  • We personally introduce potential Homesharers
  • We offer a 24/7/365 support line in case of emergencies and to ensure safeguarding for all

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to become a Homesharer?

Homesharers are responsible, kind, and mature individuals who are willing to provide companionship and support in exchange for affordable accommodation.
The minimum requirements to become a Homesharer are as follows:

      • Fill in a National Vetting Bureau's Garda clearance check from for online vetting
        • This form will be completed with your HomeShare Consultant at introduction stage and not before.
      • Homesharers must be over 21 years of age
      • Be in full or part time employment or education
      • Excellent communication skills and spoken English

What do Homesharers need to provide?

Homesharers must be willing to provide the following:

      • 3 written references which can be verbally validated by THE HomeShare Team
      • Fill in a National Vetting Bureau’s Garda clearance check form for online vetting
      • Valid GNIB visa and proof of study (if applicable)

What am I responsible for while living with the Householder?

As each Match is bespoke, responsibilities will vary however the majority of Homesharers provide support in the following areas:

      • Light household chores (putting the bins out weekly, light hoovering, etc)
      • Providing companionship (daily outside of work and social commitments)
      • Light meal preparation (peeling vegetables, preparing sandwiches)
      • Running errands (such as topping up shopping)
      • Providing an overnight presence in the home is of most importance to householders. By your sleeping in the home 6 out of 7 nights per week, you provide the Householder with peace of mind and a sense of security.
      • In the event of emergency, you are not expected to provide first aid, but make contact with family or emergency services if necessary.

Part of the minimum expectations of being a Homesharer is providing up to 10 hours per week of practical support and companionship. While most opportunities will require some level of support (such as those listed above), predominantly homesharing focuses on spending meaningful time together. Sharing an evening meal together, having a chat over a cuppa, or maybe even going for a short stroll together. 

Why should I choose to become a Homesharer?

As a Homesharer, in exchange for providing some companionship and practical support, you will gain safe, homely, and affordable accommodation with the added bonus of an extended support system through THE HomeShare Team.
The benefits of Homesharing go both ways – The Householder gains some company, but so do you! Building an intergenerational relationship where both parties gain from one another. You have the opportunity to save for your own future, while giving back to society and making meaningful connections.

Do you match couples, people with children, or those who have pets?

THE HomeShare typically places single individuals as this is what is requested by Householders. In some cases, Householders may be open to a couple sharing which will be clearly indicated within our listings.
Placing Homesharers with pets can be difficult as animals pose a potential trip hazard however if the Householders is happy to share with pets, this will again be clearly indicated within our listings.
Unfortunately, we are unable to place families/children within our Homeshare arrangements.

How do I become a Homesharer?

      • Complete our online application 
      • Wait for THE HomeShare to contact you about potential Homesharing opportunities
      • Respond to HomeShare opportunities that you are interested in by emailing us at
      • If you are shortlisted for an opportunity, THE HomeShare will phone you to discuss the opportunity in more detail and if you are happy to be put forward, we will share a brief description of you with the Householder and their family
      • If the family would like to meet with you, we will arrange a suitable time and date to physically introduce you at the Householders home.
      • If you are selected and are happy to move forward to a HomeShare trial, you will need to ensure THE HomeShare team have your three referees details and that you have provided proof of current address and a copy of Photo ID for Garda Vetting Purposes.
      • After this, a HomeShare agreement is drafted outlining the boundaries and expectations within your bespoke HomeShare arrangement.
      • And finally, a date is chosen, you move in, and you begin your HomeShare Journey!

Can I bring friends over to the Householders house?

Oftentimes after the trial period has ended and you and your match have gotten to know one another better, Householders are happy for a Homesharer to have a friend over for dinner every so often.
Within THE HomeShare Agreement we expressly state no visitors or overnight guests, however this is purely at the discretion of the Householder and should also be discussed with the Householders family or Next of Kin to ensure all are comfortable with guests visiting the home.

Can I spend some nights out of the house?

Each Homesharer is free to spend one night away from the home each week as part of THE HomeShare Agreement. Homesharers are also free to spend one weekend away from the home each month once the Householder and family have been informed with reasonable notice. 

Can I have an overnight guest e.g., ‘Can my partner spend the night’?

Overnight guests are not permitted as part of THE HomeShare Agreement however some Householders may be open to a family member staying if traveling from abroad (this is purely at the discretion of the Householder). Partners staying overnight are outside the bounds of THE HomeShare Agreement 

Can I go on holidays?

Holidays away are of course permitted! We all need a break away from time to time!
A holiday away for up to 2 weeks at a time is perfectly ok once the Householder and family have been given appropriate notice (typically one months’ notice for periods of one week or more away form the home)

How much notice do I need to give when moving out?

Should your circumstances change, or you feel the homeshare arrangement is no longer working for you, we ask that Homesharers provide one months’ notice. It is expected that within the notice period, Homesharers will continue to provide the agreed level of practical support and overnight presence.

How much notice can I expect to be given if the Householder wishes to end the Arrangment?

The same – one months’ notice will be provided should the Householder need or choose to end the arrangement.
However, should you, the Homesharer violate THE HomeShare agreement, the agreement can be terminated with immediate effect. (This can only happen where there has been a gross breach of conduct (i.e. abuse), or if there is a complete breakdown in communication/irreconcilable differences.

What should I do if the Householder becomes unwell?

As a Homesharer you are not responsible for the care of the Householder however it is expected that you make contact with their Next of Kin/family to inform them of any health concerns you may have about the Householder, and in cases of emergency, contact the emergency services

If ever you weren’t sure what call to make, you can contact THE HomeShare Team for guidance and support. 

Is there a test period to see if the living arrangement will work?

Yes. There is a two-week trial period to allow you and your Householder to get to know one another and get a feel for each other’s preferences before making a decision as to whether the arrangement or match is the right fit for you. THE HomeShare team check in every few days during the trial to ensure all is going well. THE HomeShare team are available to you should you have any questions or concerns.

What if I move in and I am worried about something?

THE HomeShare Team is available to you should you have any concerns however we advise that you first speak directly with your Householder or their Next of Kin first. If you aren’t sure how to approach a topic, we’re here to help.

What happens if the Householder goes into a Nursing home?

The average age of our Householders is 86 which means that for the most part, Householders will require some level of care. Most, if not all Householders have the support of in-home care provided by the HSE that is delivered daily. If your Householders care needs change however, and they require long term care, you will be provided with a minimum of one months’ notice to find alternative accommodation and THE HomeShare Team will of course support you in finding another homeshare match however we cannot guarantee a new placement.

How much does it cost to HomeShare?

There is a once off placement fee of €430 that is not paid until we have introduced you to a Householder and you have chosen to move forward with a HomeShare trial. 

This placement fee covers you for all Homeshare arrangements you take part in with THE HomeShare meaning if one homeshare match ends and you move on to another, you do not have another placement fee to pay. 

If after your two-week trial you decide to continue homesharing with your match, you will then begin paying your monthly support fee. All Opportunities are €240 per month. This fee covers the cost of your accommodation and our ongoing monitoring and support. 

Householders also have the choice to seek a contribution toward utilities. This is typically €65 per month and paid directly to the Householder. 

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