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Homesharing is one of the most affordable and safest ways to remain living at home or to save for your own home plus help someone in return. We offer 24/7/365 support to ensure safeguarding for all involved. We are Ireland's no 1 Homeshare provider because we:

  • Safeguarding underpins every policy & interaction we have
  • Garda vet ALL sharers
  • Meet Householders and Sharers face to face
  • Offer monthly house visits
  • 80% of interaction is face to face
  • No Placement Fee until you meet your perspective Homesharer who has agreed to move in for a Trial

Are you a householder?

Save between 94-97% on your home support costs

  • Do you want to remain living independently at home?
  • Do you want to contribute to society?
  • Are you nervous being in your home alone at night?
  • Are your family living far away and you would like some security?
  • Are you lonely or feel isolated from the rest of the world?

Are you looking for accommodation?

Save between 82-88% on your accommodation costs

  • Are you seeking affordable accommodation?
  • Are you looking for a quiet, spacious home?
  • Are you on a low paid income and struggle with rent?
  • Are you saving to buy your own home?
  • Do you want to shorten your commute to work or college?

Costs associated with Home Support

Save 97% with THE HomeShare

10 hrs p/w Overnight rate X 7 Cost per week Cost per year
HSE €260 No Funding €260 (No overnight support) €13,520
Private Homecare Provider €280 €1,400 (sleeping night) €1,680 €87,360
Private * Arrangement €150 €700 (Sleeping night) €850 €44,200
THE HomeShare €45 Included €45 €2,690

COSTING BASED ON CURRENT FIGURES *Private arrangement based on cash in hand to private carer

We are here to help

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Virgin Media 1's tv show OAP B&B was inspired by THE HomeShare model and we are the proud Homeshare consultants on the show

The Future Of Independent Living & Homecare In Ireland.

We are an Irish owned company based in Dublin with nearly 60 years experience in the healthcare sector, mainly within the Homecare Industry. We have worked closely with 1000’s of families to support them through their journey.

Providing a bespoke, affordable solution to compliment home care supports and an affordable solution for student accommodation and professionals throughout Ireland.

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