Check out our testimonials received by some very happy clients of THE HomeShare

THE HomeShare is a superb model enabling a vulnerable adult to remain in their home for longer than would be possible to do alone; It gives concerned relatives reassurance and peace of mind that their loved one is not alone, that there is a responsible adult present in the home, and should the need arise unexpectedly, they can be contacted or indeed the emergency services called should that be necessary. CEO, Lucie Cunningham and her team are superbly supportive and it is evident they each possess a genuine concern for the wellbeing and happiness of their vulnerable clients. It certainly is a very cost-effective option and one I hope might be considered for me, should the need arise, affording me the chance to stay in my own home – my own environment, where like most we feel safest and happiest.
My sharer is excellent! He is so polite, mannerly and friendly. My sharer comes home from work and we chat for a couple of hours. You couldn’t have picked a better person for me.
Mum is settling into the nursing home but if it wasn’t for THE HomeShare, Mum wouldn’t have been able to stay at home for as long as she did. Thank you, it is such a great service.
As one of your sharers I can honestly say your scheme has changed my life. Being freed from the shackles of making rising rents each month I have been able to reassess what I want and where my future is going. Thanks to the financial freedom of homesharing I am now in the position to retrain in a brand new profession and take the pay cut that comes with that. This is something I couldn’t have even considered if still renting
The support that is given by THE HomeShare is second to none. The householder can lift the phone anytime if there is a problem of any sort. I think it’s an amazing thing and I would like to see more people taking part in this. It’s a two way street beneficial to both
As a professional Nurse, I believe Homesharing to be beneficial to both parties. For the older householders it provides company and support to those who can feel lonely or vulnerable. To the person living with them it provides accommodation that is affordable but more that that it brings them into contact with a generation that have so much to offer back in terms of life experience, wisdom, support and friendship.