About Homesharing

There is an initial introduction fee of €350 paid by both parties of the agreement paid to THE HomeShare programme. After the initial Trial Period has ended and if both parties are happy to continue to live together, there is a monthly Support Fee payable to THE HomeShare programme by both the Householder and the Homesharer.

Homeshare Is

  • A Homeshare Arrangement involves 2 people with different needs but whom have something to offer the other
  • THE HomeShare matches people who need companionship and some practical help to live independently at home (Householder) with people who need accommodation (Homesharers)
  • Householders offer a spare room in their home to a vetted accommodation seeker
  • Homesharers provide companionship, an overnight presence (a minimum of 5/6 nights per week) and up to 10 hours of practical and social support each week
  • Homesharers provide their own food and a share of utility bills
  • Homeshare is an agreement between the Householder and the Homesharer and is assisted by THE HomeShare who also offer on-going monitoring and support

Homeshare Is Not

  • Live in carer
  • Live in housekeeper
  • Replacement of personal care support from HCP’s (Home care packages from HSE) or private personal care arrangements

Benefits of a Homeshare Arrangement

Both parties to the agreement make a difference in society

Householder remains living at home independently

Companionship for both the Householder and Homesharer

Peace of mind for adult children that their older parent is safe and not alone at night

Decrease in loneliness and isolation

Peace of mind and security for the Householder

Homesharer lives in low cost accommodation often close to work or University