Share My Home

Can you offer a room in your home in exchange for nightly presence for your peace of mind and security and 10 hours of weekly support?

Is homeshare right for me?

Who benefits from a homeshare agreement?

  • Any person(s) who owns or rents a property long term and has a spare bedroom
  • Person who wishes to remain living in their own home independently for as long as possible
  • Person who is lonely and/or isolated and would like companionship and security, especially at night
  • Adult children live a distance away and would like peace of mind their parent is not on their own

Would this work for me?

A Homeshare arrangement may not be for everyone. It is important that you consider the following questions.

  • Why do I want to Homeshare with someone?
  • Is my home or apartment suitable for sharing?
  • Am I a sociable person? Do I enjoy company?
  • Is the space I am making available ready for another person?
  • If the Homesharer requires an unfurnished room, is there storage space for my possessions?
  • Do I need a helping hand around the house? If so, how much?
  • Am I willing to share my living space? (Kitchen, sitting room, garden)
  • Do I want a casual relationship with my homesharer or am I looking for a friendly companion I can share certain activities and interests with?
  • What are my shortcomings that may present difficulties to anyone living with me?

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Homeshare work?

Homeshare relies on friendship, mutual respect and support by both parties and family members. “THE HomeShare” is the “Introducer” but in order for the relationship to be successful, both the Householder and Homesharer must be respectful and sensitive to each other's needs.

What do I get in exchange for sharing my home with someone?

The beauty of Homeshare is that it is a win-win solution equally to both the Householder and the Homesharer. In exchange for offering a room to a carefully matched Homesharer, the Householder receives up to 10 hours per week in practical and social support. This support can include shopping, gardening, household chores, running errands, taking trips together etc… The Householder also has the added reassurance that there is a presence in the home for a minimum of 5 nights per week.

What can I expect from “THE HomeShare” after my Homesharer has moved in?

Your allocated Homeshare Coordinator will be available for support throughout the arrangement and will also be available for support and advice at the end of the Homeshare arrangement.

What if something goes wrong?

Having worked in the Homecare Industry for many years, we are fully aware that from time to time, things don’t always work out smoothly. THE HomeShare have a stringent vetting policy to ensure we introduce Homesharers we would only be happy to share our home with ourselves.

However, our dedicated Homeshare Coordinators are on hand to provide support if something goes wrong. In our experience, we find that most of the time all that is required is the coordinator communicating expectations or concerns in order to get the match back on track.

Notice period to end the Homeshare arrangement

There is normally a notice period of one month to end the Homeshare arrangement (usually due to the Householder requiring more support than a Homeshare arrangement can provide or the Homesharer moving due to changing jobs or finishing college)
However, in the case of gross misconduct, there is no notice period.