Newcastle, Co Dublin €195 Per Month for female sharer

We have an exciting opportunity in Newcastle, Co Dublin. This Homeshare arrangement would suit a female sharer.

Our friendly 83 year old elderly lady is seeking a kind Sharer for their home to give them some kind company and practical help in their spare time in exchange for the low-cost accommodation. The reassurance of having someone sleeping overnight in the home is also very important. This lady enjoys crosswords, listening to the news and likes to go for walks.

The help This lady requires in return for affordable accommodation. is light shopping and help with putting the bins out and ensuring all her food consumables are all in date. This lady would also enjoy someone to read to newspaper to her together.

This is beautiful detached house on the main street in Newcastle. Own bathroom and double bedroom available, plus own sitting room. The lady is extremely friendly and would love some company in the evening times and an over night presence for peace of mind. Share evenings meals a couple of times a week, read the news to her and help with crossword puzzles are the type of support she would love.
2 min walk from 68X bus which takes 1 hour to reach O’Connell Bridge in Dublin City. 18 min drive to Tallaght, 4 min to Peamount Hospital.
This lady is looking for a sharer as soon as possible.

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